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There is a local bus in Diafani but it only goes up and down for the hilltop village of Olymbos. The bus timetable is usually nailed to the tree outside the traditional local Kafeneion.

There are no buses to the various beaches. The beaches are reached by footpaths or by one of the local Kaïki boats.

There are no buses from Diafani to the other parts of the island of Karpathos. If you need to go down to the capital town of Karpathos you can take the big Kaïki Tourist Boat which comes up from the capital every morning and goes back down again every afternoon, or the “Community Link” Kaiki boat which goes down three mornings a week and comes back to Diafani in the afternoon.

It is also possible to hire a taxi to take you down the mountain road but it is bumpy and very expensive. The road to the south is not yet surfaced. (watch this space for news of when the road works from Olymbos are completed).


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