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There are no "Boat Hire" places in Diafani. There are however a few local "Kaïki" boat owners who have the safety permit to take visitors to the local beaches and the nearby island of Saria.
These boats usually leave from the old port ( the stone jetty in the centre of the village ) at around 10 o'clock in the morning and come back to your beach to pick you up around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. You will need to take water and maybe a picnic with you, the beaches in and around Diafani are not commercialised.
You will see the notice boards for these various Kaïki boats on the sea front near the old port.
For safety reasons the local people are not allowed to take visitors in their small "varka" boats.

NB :
The small rowing boats or rowing boats with an outboard motor are called "Varka". The bigger boats with a motor in a central cabin are called "Kaïki". The much bigger boats with several decks, a captain's bridge and cabins for passengers are called "Plio" or "Karavi" or “Ferry”


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