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Since the euphoria of being released from the repressive Military Junta (1967-1974) many Greeks have rediscovered the joy of arguing politics openly and without fear.
You will often hear loud discussions in the traditional local Kafeneion.

In the General Elections most of the people of Diafani and Olymbos vote for the left wing party PASOK, with some votes going to the New Democratic Party. However many are also now somewhat disillusioned after the wonderful promises made by the various parties but never truly fulfilled.
The new plans of austerity needed to help Greece to recover from extreme economical difficulties are of course very unpopular.

In November 2010 Regional Elections took place throughout Greece.
In an attempt to decrease administration costs the regions of Greece were regrouped and elections were held to nominate governors for these new greater regions. For example, the island of Karpathos which originally had a "Governor of the Dodecanese" now has a governor ("Nomarkos") who is responsible for all the islands of the South Aegean.
At the same time as the Regional Elections voters throughout Greece were required to vote in their Municipal Elections.
This was a very important election for the unique community of Diafani-Olymbos.
Before these November 2010 Municipal Elections Diafani-Olymbos had a local mayor ("Proedros"), elected by the people of the community. He worked with a committee of local people to obtain grants from the Greek State for the installation of necessary services and for the general improvement of life in the community.

Under the new laws this "self government" was replaced by one mayor ("Dimarkos") for the whole of the island of Karpathos. There were 4 candidates for the position of Dimarkos. A man from the south of Karpathos, Mr Mikail Xaniotis, won the election in the second round of voting on November 14th.  From the first of January 2011 he will be the Dimarkos of Karpathos. The Dimarkos will work with a council elected by the people from the whole of the island.

The good news is that Nikos Orfanos from Diafani has been elected to the council of the Dimarkos so Diafani-Olymbos will be strongly represented there.
In addition 3 local people have been chosen to represent the people of Diafani-Olymbos, in an advisory role, to present any of the specific community problems and requests to the council.

Anybody who has experience of a small rural community will know that there is always something needed and always somebody dissatisfied with what has or has not been done.
Only the future will show if life in the community of Diafani-Olymbos will improve or not under the new system.