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When you come to Diafani you will realise that there are a lot of special people here. We have chosen just four, but you will probably add others as you meet and become friends with the local people:

The small traditional Kafeneion was originally run by Anna's parents, then for many years by Anna with her widowed mother; now however Anna works alone in this small traditional local café.
The Kafeneion is the central meeting place for the village.
Anna opens the Kafeneion early in the morning to serve coffee and sell cigarettes to the local men going out to work in the olive groves or off in their varka boats, or working around the village. She continues throughout the day serving the visitors and local people and closes the Kafeneion at night only when everyone has left.
Anna, as all the women of her generation, continues to wear the traditional local costume of home woven long white dress with dark cotton overcoat. You will see some women wearing a faded coat with patches: this indicates that the woman is in mourning.
Although Anna is reluctant to be photographed, pictures of her have travelled the world over, as she has been caught on film by reporters who have come to see and write about the unique community of Olymbos and Diafani. No important Greek personality visiting Diafani will leave without going to Anna's Kafeneion.
Anna is a modest, very hardworking and discreetly helpful woman. The interior of her Kafeneion is a must for visitors. Buy your cigarettes there from her lovely old wooden cupboard, look at all the old photographs around the walls and enjoy a drink in this really traditional Kafeneion.

The local priest of Diafani is another person whose photograph has been seen by many people abroad. A short documentary film was also made of him and shown on German and French television.
Papas Minas speaks several languages and is always very welcoming to visitors to Diafani. He loves this place and is doing all he can to protect the local traditions and maintain the qualities of this unique community.
As is the custom in the Greek Orthodox church the local priests can be married. Papas Minas lives with his wife and family in the agricultural hamlet of Avlona, but they also stay in Diafani for the days when he must be present in the church.
All visitors are welcome to visit the church during their stay in Diafani and are also welcome to attend the Sunday church mass and festivals.

Until recent health problems Kosta was the main local fisherman and went out in all weathers to cast his nets and bring back fish for the village.
Kosta continues to fish for his family and their restaurant but another local man and some kaïki fishing boats from the island of Kalymnos now do most of the selling of fish on the old jetty or on the new port.
Kosta and his wife Fotini continue to run their small Diafani Palace hotel. Their small vine shaded restaurant still specialises in fresh fish as well as Fotini's good home cooking.
Before 1970 Kosta was the first in Diafani to have regular visitors stay in his small hotel and go out in his kaïki boat to swim and fish in the undiscovered bays around Diafani. Some of these original visitors still come back every year to stay with Kosta and Fotini.
Kosta is a very kind man who is always ready to help. Fotini is a jolly and welcoming person and a very good cook. They both love to see the visitors enjoy the local food and friendly atmosphere of their restaurant.

Niko is another of the very hardworking people of Diafani.
He is the local Shipping Agent so he has to both sell the tickets and go out to the big Port to help the Ferry ship to dock.
Niko is also the local Travel Agent and representative for the Olympic Airlines. Niko is also the local Foreign Exchange office and he also sells postcards, stamps, books and maps of Karpathos.
Niko and his equally energetic wife Marina also run the Hotel Nikos. Niko takes visitors in his boat to the nearby beaches or for excursions to the nearby island of Saria with food prepared by Marina, and Niko's famous barbecue on the beach.
As you can see, it is not possible to come to Diafani without meeting Niko. In spite of all these many varied activities Niko is always ready to help with any questions or problems you might have during your stay. He loves this village and is always happy to welcome regular visitors and new friends to Diafani.


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