Welcome to Diafani, Olympos  Karpathos island  Greece


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There is no bank in Diafani. The nearest bank is in the capital of Karpathos. You can however change your foreign currency into euros at the Travel Agency of Nikos Orfanos in Diafani. The current rate of exchange is published daily.

Greece changed to the Euro money system in 2002. The euro notes are exactly the same throughout the European Union, the coins also have one side exactly the same in all the countries, but the “face” shows the national designs chosen by each country. The designs chosen for the Greek coins are exceptionally beautiful.

A Banking Card cash machine was installed in Diafani, but it was taken away for repairs a few years ago and has not yet returned ! So you need to bring cash with you, or go down by boat to the banking machines in the capital. (watch this space for news of the machine being re-installed).

When announcing the price of the bill Greek people often do not use the word ‘euros’. For instance, they will simply say “Tria” (3) for three euros. “Tria messee” means 3 euros 50 cents. The word for the cents in Greek is “Lepta”.


Travel Agency in Diafani
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