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The capital of the island of Karpathos is situated in the south of the island and has two names : it is known simply as "Karpathos" or by its local name of "Pigadia" (from the Greek word for springs or wells).

The people of Pigadia are much more influenced by the modern way of life than in the more isolated villages of the north.
Traditionally the men of Pigadia went away to work in New York or New Jersey. Their return to live and work in Pigadia has brought many changes to this once quiet little town.

The tourist boom in Pigadia, mostly package tours from Scandinavia and The Netherlands, has also had a big influence on the rapidly growing town and the nearby villages of the south.
You will find everything in Pigadia - lots of tourists, sandy beaches, surfaced roads, buses, taxis and places to hire motor bikes and cars, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.
In fact if you want a holiday based in a small, lively town with lots of tourist shops and facilities this is the place for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a quiet village with traditional Greek hospitality, unique local costumes, quiet coves for swimming, many paths for walking with breathtaking views of the coast and hills, then come to Diafani.


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