As in the rest of the world weather conditions do not seem to be as stable and predictable as they were in the past.

Generally you will have lovely warm Spring weather in Diafani from mid March although there may be some showers. The weather in April, May and June is progressively warmer and may rival most high summers elsewhere.

The high hot summer weather in July and August is usually tempered by the pleasant sea breezes - although these can become strong winds which may blow for a few days.

The weather in September and October is usually pleasantly warm and the sea warm and calm.
The much needed rains generally fall heavily in mid to late November but may make a few brief appearances towards the end of October.

The weather in November and December is generally cold and damp although some Christmas weeks have been almost like Spring. Usually the sea is very rough in January and strong winds may push the waves right up to the front houses of the village.

February and early March can be very cold and damp but Spring is soon on the way.


When to come to Diafani