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The SILLOGOS of Diafani  "ANAYENNISI" (Rebirth)        
The Sillogos is a non political association of the inhabitants of Diafani. The aim of this association is the preservation of the cultural traditions and the conservation and improvement of the environment of this unique community of Northern Karpathos.
The association was first formed in 1981
Elections are held every two years and a committee is appointed.
This year (2013) the elections were held in September.
The elected committee has seven unpaid members :
The President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Delegate for Culture and two other members of the committee.
This association is non political and does not have any financial support from the local, regional or state government.
Money to achieve the aims of this Sillogos is therefore raised by local contributions and donations.   
The people who want to be members of the association pay 5 euros to vote for the committee and a membership fee every year until the next elections. 
Events are also organised for all the community by the Sillogos and contributions are then made. 
For example :  The traditional festival of "Ta Kalanda" December 24 and again on 31, when the children and the Sillogos go around the village stopping at the houses to sing traditional Carols. They receive from each house sweets and contributions of money.
There are similar Sillogos organisations of the local people who now live and work away from Diafani (Rhodes, Athens-Piraeus, Baltimore USA )
These other Sillogos do not finance the Diafani Sillogos but sometimes send money or gifts for the pleasure of the inhabitants of their homeland. 
In the past money for the improvement of the various communities on the island of Karpathos came from several sources. There was a Mayor for each community (for example: Mixailis Protorpapas for Olymbos-Diafani) and one important part of his job was to obtain money for his community projects from the Regional/State Government and the European Aid for Special Programmes. He was a great "fighter" for the community.
A few years ago the election system was drastically changed and a "Mayor" was appointed in Pigadia for the whole of the island of Karpathos. "Assistant Mayors" were appointed to represent him and to explain his policies to their own communities. Not an easy role as the money for necessary work and improvements has now also been very drastically reduced.
The community of Olymbos-Diafani now find themselves in competition with all the villages in the south of Karpathos for whatever little money is available .  
One source of essential funds which does however continue is the generous donations to the Sillogos.
The "frontier" between the now severly reduced officially funded organisations and the non political Sillogos sometimes overlap and the role of the Sillogos will almost certainly become more essential for the community.
For example :  
1) The money to build a Waiting-Room on the port came originally from local government but completion of the job will be done by three generous local people who donate their work time and materials to plaster and paint the inside walls and fit windows and a door.
2) The building of wooden steps to go down to the village beach and the wooden cabin to change swimming clothes were originally paid by the regional government funds but the  maintenance will now be the responsibility of the Sillogos.
3) The work to mark and publish a brochure list of the many beautiful walking paths around Diafani was done by the Diafani members of the "Foreas", the  European Organisation for the Preservation of the Environment of the Protected Area of Northern Karpathos and Saria.
The work to regularly clear and maintain these paths will be shared with the Foreas and the Sillogos of Diafani, with local volunteers (and regular visitors to Diafani ! ).
Please read the text "Foreas" sent separately
Or consult FOREAS  from the  Diafani  A to Z   list  of  this  WELCOME  TO  DIAFANI  website.
The present committee of the DIAFANI SILLOGOS is now trying to raise money to achieve their aims.
Some of which are :
 - To plant more trees along the village beach to provide more shade for the local people and the visitors who come to swim there.
 - To build a bigger Megaron ( a room for community celebrations). The present Megaron situated under the church is thought to be too small for the Feast Days celebrations with traditional dances.  
The original Megaron could then be used as a culture and exhibition centre.
 - To organise regular lessons for the local children to learn to play the traditional musical instruments, to sing the traditional Mantinades songs and to learn the steps of the traditional dances. 
 - To organise environment awareness events and volunteers to help to clear the rubbish from the beaches and around Diafani.  
-  To work to find a solution to the community transport problems.
-  ......and many other necessary projects for the community of Diafani.
In this time of severe financial crisis in Greece very little money will come from the local or state government for Diafani to pay for necessary work on the upkeep of the village. 
It is therefore even more important for the Diafani Sillogos to help to make life here more comfortable for the local inhabitants and the visitors who come here to enjoy their stay in this unique community.
I have just contributed a sum of money towards the planting of  trees along the village beach and hope to see them growing well in 2014 .    
If you are interested in contributing your support to the aims of this Sillogos please contact me and I will give you the official banking number of the Sillogos.
Please do not send any money to me !