The unique hilltop village above Diafani is called Olymbos.

The village of Olymbos was the original community here with the inhabitants also owning small houses on their fields and pasture land and other small houses down by the sea for summer fishing. These offshoots of Olymbos became the agricultural village of Avlona and the seaside village of Diafani.

Up to the fairly recent past the people of this unique community of Olymbos-Diafani lived in almost the same traditional way as the founders did many hundreds of years ago and, although some changes have naturally come about, you will still see the unique local costumes and way of life here.

Many tourist brochures and Greek calendars show pictures of the splendid line of windmills in Olymbos and the spectacular festival held here every year on the 15th of August. There is also a very interesting website which can tell you more about Olymbos.