There is no hospital in Diafani. The Greek State provides a doctor for the small Greek villages, usually a graduate doctor doing his military service.
The doctor for Diafani is based in the hilltop village of Olymbos but comes down for local consultations once a week in the tiny Doctor's Consulting Room building on the hill near Nikos Hotel.

In case of accident or emergency the doctor will come down with the local ambulance and, if necessary, the person needing hospital treatment will be transported either by road to the capital town of Karpathos or by ship or helicopter to Crete, Rhodes, or Athens.

There is no pharmacy in Diafani. It is advisable to bring your own medication and First-Aid kit.

In a recent experiment one of the "Delfini" Hydrofoils has been equipped as a general medical consulting centre. The plan is for this boat to call about once a week at the small islands of the Dodecanese, however this type of boat can only be used in calm weather. When it arrives in Diafani you will see it moored on the New Port and some people will walk over there to see the doctor.


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