Below you will read about some of the things you will find in Diafani and by contrast those things you will not find here. We feel sure that both these aspects will show you why Diafani is unique and we hope help you to decide that Diafani is indeed the place for you.
You will find all further information in the DIAFANI A to Z list.

1) There are no sand beaches in the north of Karpathos but the small pebbled bays provide a beautiful clear sea for swimming and snorkelling. With the exception of the small bay of Vananda there are no bars or tavernas on any of the beaches. You will need to take your own picnic and drinking water. There are no sunbeds or sun umbrellas to rent on the beaches. Nobody will come and try to sell you anything on these beaches. You may even have the whole beach to yourself.

2) There is no "tourist shopping district" in Diafani but a small open-all-hours traditional general store and two small, occasionally open shops can generally provide most of the basics.

3) There is no "Night Life" in Diafani apart from a leisurely meal in one of the small local restaurants followed perhaps by an evening stroll then a drink in the small traditional Greek Kafeneion.

4) There are no "Entertainment Centres" in Diafani. The main village activity is watching the small fishing boats come and go and the excitement of arrivals and departures on the Ferry Ship from Rhodes or Piraeus.

5) You will be welcome to join the many services and festivities connected to the Greek Orthodox Church calendar; Some are purely religious services others may be followed by traditional local music, feasting and dancing where you will see the unique local costume.

6) There are no big hotels in Diafani and due to the traditional way of life here the concept of renting a room in somebody's home does not exist here as in other more touristy islands. There are however many small family run hotels and some studios for those visitors who like to have kitchen facilities.

7) There are no "Car Hire" places in Diafani. The many lovely mountain paths do not really lend themselves to anything but the enjoyment of walking through pine forests and nearby olive groves. Many Greek islands are arrid and treeless. Karpathos and especially Diafani is a beautiful exception. There are Tamarisk trees near the sea and beautiful pine forests over the hills.

8) There are no excavated archaeological sites to visit in Diafani but the unique hilltop village of Olymbos just above Diafani brings visitors from all over the world and the sites of Vroukounda and Palatia are well worth a visit.

9) There are no clothes shops in Diafani. Most of the local women wear the daily traditional costume. There is a small Tourist shop where you can buy Teeshirts and beach sandals.

10) There are no "Boat Hire" places in Diafani.There are however a few local "Kaïki" boat owners who have the safety permit to take visitors to the local beaches and the nearby island of Saria.

11) There are no organized sports facilities in Diafani. Most visitors to Diafani find the walking, swimming and snorkelling possibilities totally satisfying. It is advisable to bring your own equipment.

12) There are no "Package Tour Group Holidays" in Diafani. There are many regular visitors to Diafani. These people come from all over Europe to spend their holidays every year in Diafani. Some have been coming for over 20 years and have seen this tiny village grow and open up to tourism. They have watched the gradual changes in the village and love of this unique place brings them back every year with family and friends to share the beauty and calm of Diafani.
We trust that Diafani will continue to extend the traditional welcome to all new visitors and will remain a quiet, restful and traditional village for all the regular visitors who are true friends of Diafani.


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