European Organisation for the Ecological Protection and Development of the Environment

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The  FOREAS  is the Greek name for the European Organisation for the Ecological Protection and Development of the Environment.  
The Greek Headquarters are in Athens and the Branch Office (called "Management Development Agency") for Northern Karpathos and Saria is situated in Diafani.
The number of people is variable but for the moment (november 2013) there are 7 people employed in Diafani and paid by the Foreas organisation. Their job is to investigate, locate, record and monitor all the wild life, flowers and birds of this region which is designated as a protected area by the European programme Natura 2000.  
They also record the birds which use this region for their annual migration.
They have also rescued injured birds and Monk Seals and sent them to the special hospital in Athens. Another important aspect of their job is to keep a constant protection from illegal fishing or hunting.   
The administration office "Management Agency" is open all year (situated in the small lane almost opposite the seafront kiosk). During the spring to Autumn months there is also an Information Centre (on the seafront opposite the kiosk) where there is a very interesting exhibition of photos showing and explaining the sea, land and air wild life and plants and flowers of this region, many of which are only found in Northern Karpathos and Saria. There is also a beautiful and carefully labelled shell collection. 
The Diafani Foreas group have marked the many walking paths with destination signs and the red dot system and also some wildlife information boards for the walkers who come to spend their holidays in Diafani and enjoy the many beautiful herb scented walks around this unique region of Northern Karpathos and Saria. 
They have also printed a brochure with very useful information about the paths. You can ask for this brochure in the Environmental Exhibition or in the administration office.
As in the rest of Europe the aims of the European Natura 2000 Programme are not always appreciated by the fishermen and shepherds of these Designated Protected Areas but those who work there sincerely believe that the environment must be protected and preserved.
So please do tell them if you have enjoyed their exhibition and the walking paths !
and see their website (with translation into English) 
You can also contact them at