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There are several small family run restaurants in Diafani (see list below), many of which will use their own home grown vegetables and meat for their traditional Greek food. (see Food, Greek)

There is also now a small restaurant for both Greek specialities and real Italian cuisine, which also serves fresh homemade cakes and desserts daily.

Some of the restaurants are also cafe/bars and will serve breakfast and lunch, and drinks and snacks all day long.
Some of them are only open for dinner in the evening or may only open in the high tourist season.

In Diafani you will see local men (and very rarely local women) drinking in the cafes and restaurants but apart from special celebrations they will cook and eat all their meals at home.
Unlike the restaurants in the big cities or highly touristic spots you will find that most people eat dinner much earlier in Diafani, around 8 or 9 in the evening, although in fine weather they may linger with drinks until quite late.

Many visitors like to go to the traditional Kafeneion after dinner, to sit under the famous old Tamarisk tree and sip a Greek cognac or try the Mountain Tea which is said to help the digestion and give you a good night's sleep too !


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