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Although there is great potential for archaeological excavations in and around Diafani there are for the moment no excavated sites to visit.
The Greek authorities are not able to finance the excavations of all the many probable sites in Greece.

The large flat headland, where the lighthouse beam stands on the bay of Diafani, is believed to be an ancient site, maybe an ancient temple once stood here.

VROUKOUNDA is a sensational ancient site on the wild west coast. There are signs of ancient rock tombs and the headland was maybe the site of an ancient temple. On this headland you will now find an amazing subterranean church (bring a torch). The inhabitants of Diafani, Avlona and Olymbos make their way here for a truly impressive two days of ceremony, feast and traditional dance which take place here every year for the festival of St John the Baptist (28th+29th August).

Another sensational site is on the nearby island of SARIA, to the north of Diafani and separated from the island of Karpathos by a narrow channel.
The strange ruins in Palatia, the main landing place, point back to the time when this island had a vast and reputedly very wealthy population.
There are several different stories about this remote former city of Palatia but the Greek authorities have not yet undertaken any serious excavation here.
This island is mainly uninhabited now except at certain times of the year when local people stay here to look after their beehives or animals or to attend the festivals held during the year in the various chapels on Saria.


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